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Information & Stats

Name: [東仙 要] Tōsen Kaname
Birthdate: November 13
Height: 172.72 cm (5'8")
Weight: 60.9 kg (134 lbs)
Gender: Male
Species: Shinigami
Partner: Sōsuke Aizen, Gin Ichimaru
Previous partner(s): Kensei Muguruma, Shūhei Hisagi
Affiliation: Arrancar
Previous affiliation(s): Soul Society, 9th Division
Occupation: Commander of Aizen's Arrancar Army
Previous occupation(s): Captain of the 9th Division, 5th Seat of the 9th Division

* Shikai: Suzumushi
* Bankai: Enma Kōrogi

(Courtesy of Bleach Wikia for the information)

"The speckle of light present in enclosed darkness." - Tite Kubo

Q. Who is Tōsen Kaname?

A. Known for his philosophical beliefs based upon the pursuit of truth and justice, Tousen Kaname was formerly the captain of the Gotei 13’s 9th Division in Seireitei. Blind since birth, Tousen dedicated his life in following the path with the least bloodshed when a dear friend of his died. His friend’s dream was to become a Shinigami so she could use her powers to bring peace to a troubled world. Tousen was very close with her and eventually began to believe within the same beliefs that she practiced daily. When she was accepted by the Shinou Academy, her husband killed her in blind rage over a dispute they had about a fellow comrade. It was from that heinous crime that Tousen swore he would continue her plight. Taking her zanpakutou, the Suzumushi, Tousen dedicated his entire life in bringing order in a world that has none in hopes of making his friend’s dream become a reality.

It was then that he joined the ranks of the Shinigami.

Soon after becoming a Shinigami, Tousen became quick friends with fellow Shinigami, Sajin Komamura during his time in the Shinou Academy. The two became inseparable, almost as if they were brothers despite the fact that Sajin was anything but human in appearance. The two of them eventually climbed the ranks together to both become captains of the Gotei 13. Despite it being unknown how Tousen became the captain of the 9th Division, it is said that he was once a member of the 5th Division when Aizen Sōsuke was the lieutenant of the 5th Division.

Like with Sajin, Tousen took to Aizen rather quickly but with disastrous results that would eventually take place in the near future.

Tousen was at the 5th Seat of the 9th Division under the command of Captain Kensei Muguruma while secretly working as one of Aizen henchmen. Instructed to kill the other seated members of the 9th Division, Tousen betrayed Captain Muguruma when he brandished the Suzumushi’s steel against him. Keeping it a secret that he already mastered the Bankai technique of his zanpakutou, Tousen bewildered the search team sent to find the missing 9th Division members by using the Suzumushi’s final form, the Devil Cricket, to cloak them within darkness.

When asked by Shinji Hirako, the former captain of the 5th Division, why he betrayed Captain Muguruma, Tousen blatantly states that he was just performing his duty signifying his loyalty with Aizen.

During his career as the new captain of the 9th Division, Tousen Kaname became hateful towards the Gotei 13 when a rogue swordsman slain the captain of the 11th Division. His hatred towards Kenpachi Zaraki fueled Tousen’s belief that the Soul Society was unjust and reignited his loyalty to Aizen. Tousen says himself that he views Zaraki as a monster whose only purpose is to create chaos and despair. It seems that despite the fact that he also has blood upon his hands for betraying his former comrades, Tousen’s unbridled hatred for Kenpachi is what drove him to defect from Soul Society.

His life creed is to “take the path with the least bloodshed,” is an oath he sworn to take when his friend died. In hopes of creating a tranquil world freed from the pain and despair he knows, Tousen is willing to do anything it takes to make such a dream come true. He has willingly sullied his hands with the blood of his former comrades in the 9th Division and given his loyalty to possibly the most evil individual in BLEACH in hopes of succeeding with his goal.

It seems that Tousen Kaname is a walking contradiction of various beliefs since he seems willing to spill the blood of thousands in order to help create the King’s Key for Aizen’s ploy. He knows very well that the innocents of Karakura Town are at stake here and yet he seems to show no remorse for his actions.

Kaname is a difficult man to understand who is capable of a long range of emotions despite wearing a max as tough as iron. He is shown as friendly towards Sajin when he first met him and he is seen as honorable once he brandishes his steel towards Kenpachi. However, despite his honorable and friendly disposition it seems that Kaname is pushed by his wayward beliefs of justice to commit crimes that go against his code of ethics

Q. What's his point in canon?

A. BLEACH 367 (manga)


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